East Rock Park (New Haven, CT)

Winding up the mountainous ridge of East Rock is the Giant Steps, a staircase formed with rocks as large as the length of your foot to shin. Striding up the staircase leads you to a breathtaking view of New Haven, the second largest city in Connecticut.

East Rock 2

Seated at the terraced edge, you can enjoy a cool breeze in the sticky heat of summer, while resting your legs with a peaceful view of the city and Long Island Sound.

East Rock 4

Atop East Rock’s summit is also the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, a war memorial completed in 1887 to honor the residents of New Haven who gave their lives in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, Mexican War, and the Civil War. The memorial’s 366 feet or 112 meter structure can be seen for miles away.

East Rock 3

At the base of East Rock lies the surrounding park. You can take a 2-3 mile run or gentle stroll on the park’s shaded dirt trail, which is heavily lined with trees to one side and water on the other. In winter, fall, spring, and summer, the park lights up with each season’s unique attributes from dusted white snow, chirps of budding bird song, and summer flowers. If you’re in the neighborhood, I would certainly recommend a little stop at this lovely park.

East Rock 1

East Rock 7





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