Provence in July (Snapshots)

Summer in Provence – with its bright sunflowers, lush grapevines, fragrant lavender, and picturesque towns against dramatic mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean coast – evokes wonder with each turn of the head.

You may know Provence, the geographical and historical province in southeastern France, from the works of the great impressionist painters, which included Cezanne, Monet, and Van Gogh. With its clarity of light and indescribable landscapes, Provence provided a perfect muse for the impressionist artist, who belonged to a movement that emphasized accurate depictions of light and ordinary settings with the unique spirit and angle of each painter.

(Left) One of Van Gogh’s most famous still lives. The painting belongs to a series of sunflower paintings that Van Gogh painted while in Arles. (Right) Cezanne’s painting of Mont Sainte-Victoire, a much beloved landscape for the painter. 

Drawn by the beautiful and vivid colors of these impressionist artists, my mother, sister, and I took a trip to Provence in the heat of July. Below are a few snapshots from our trip.


Roussillon, a commune located on top of a steep hill, and noted for its large ochre deposits found in the clay surrounding the village. 


A lavender field just a week from being cut and made into heavenly lavender oil. 



Gordes, one of the largest communes in the area. 


View of the Mediterranean coast. 


One of dozens of grapevine fields and wineries, which was captured as we drove by.  


Bright violet flowers and doorway in the village Roussillon. 


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